Manchaha var pane ke upay ~ Manchaha rishta pane ke upay, “First of all you should know that the name and features of your spouse is already set in your fate even before you are born. Therefore you can find him in proper time but you can know him from your birth chart and the ruling planets in the same. Astrology in general defines zodiac signs in four kinds considering the basic elements. The four elements are common from the five basic elements of Vedic astrology. They are fire, air, earth and water. Furthermore the 7th house in your birth chart defines your marriage. Therefore you must consider the effects of planets in this particular house.

Most noteworthy thing is checking the combined effect of 1st and 7th house in the zodiac chart. Vedic astrology defines 1st house as you while 7th house as your spouse. Are your 7th house master is fire signs like Aries or Leo? Vedic astrology suggests that your husband must have optimistic and courageous nature. The negative features include ego, jealously and pride.

Manchaha Var Pane Ke Upay

Probably the ruling planet on the 7th house is air signs like Gemini or Libra. You must take care of his extrovert socializing in this case. Furthermore the sharp and pragmatic approach towards life will make him decision maker in relationship. If the 7th house lord is some earth sign like Capricorn you get the master calculator as the dearest person in your life.

Finally the water lord in the 7th house brings you an impractical and romantic husband. Furthermore you should check the dominant planet comparing 1st and 7th house. If the 7th house is submissive then you are the lady in the relationship. So are you satisfied with the general prediction for your spouse? Probably you want to know more. Well, experts can particularly predicts the future husband features for you. Furthermore sometimes other house as well as planets disturbs the usual flow of life. The hassles include delay in marriage, confusion in choosing husband etc. Probably you are under the evil effects of Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu.

Rista pane ka upay

Weak Sun and Moon can cause problems also. Furthermore different conjunction of houses like 1st, 5th and 9th with weak planets can bring troubles also. So you need solutions for this kind of troubles? Well Vedic astrology and Lal Kitab have solutions for the same. You can try effective mantras and remedies also. Most noteworthy solution for spouse selection trouble is using yellow Sapphire because the stone brings the blessings of Jupiter. Usually Jupiter brings marriage troubles for women. But try the solution after knowing what your birth chart says about the same planet.Furthermore the Venus and Jupiter define the wife and husband in conjugal life respectively.

Kisi Ko Vash Me Karne Ke Upay

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