New moon spells and rituals ~ How to perform a new moon ritual, “Moon possess a significant influence on lives on many people. Since ages, people perform many a ritual in the moonlight, for accomplishment of own’ s desires or wishes. Different phases of moon create different energy. These phases let you know regarding the stages when the magic spell would work. Horoscope Astrology Services in india

New Moon spells for prosperity and abundance:

Basil is considered as the plant of wealth. Sprinkling some amount of basil into your money bag might empower your luck of getting richer. This can be done when there’s a new moon in the sky with east flowing winds. Sprinkle some basil seeds, facing the East direction. Soon we will find yourself becoming wealthier with growth of the plant.

New Moon Spells And Rituals

You can also use the stone of luck.

  1. Take few stones
  2. One candle
  3. Herbs
  4. Incense
  5. Water
  6. Salt
  7. A cloth piece
  8. Scented oil
  9. Bowls

You just need to intercede on what you need, and eventually start the spell.

First you need to light the candle and incense sticks, by holding the rock in your power hand. Show the rock through the flames of candle for three consecutive times. Put the rock in water, and after few minutes take this out and sprinkle the herbs. New Moon Spells For Love

Put the rock in the bowl. Add some oil, while you simultaneously visualize what you want. Then put back the rock into the bowl. Sprinkle some salt. Wrap the rock in the piece of cloth and let it be in a dry bowl for a day. Wait for the results!!

These spells performed by you might make you feel like magician though, but believe me it is harmless and safe. These moon magic spells work by invoking the nature’s power during the different moon phases. Whereas, full moon phase is considered to be ideal for spells to work magical.

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