New moon spells for love ~ Full moon love spells no ingredients, “The best love spells can be infused by self-love. If you are trying a spell on someone to mercifully love you, then surely you are not blessing yourself or the other guy. You need to be free, self-loving, and free from the worldly menace.

There’s an easy trick that may refill love into your love life. What you need to do is take a few candles, some a parchment of love, and some essence oils. This spell work wonder on a new moon day. Burn out both candle belonging to you.

New Moon Spells For Love

In the meantime, you need to feel all that pain, agony, loneliness, and fights burning down with this. See the other candle burn, that’s of your partner. This makes you feel lighter on heart. And you will see a new you, and a relationship well-shaped that it was before. But remember, it’s always a loving soul that makes a relationship work.

If you are on a search for new love, go for this trick. Cut out a heart from the red crepe paper. Take a white paper sheet and put a new pen on it. Then write the following spell on it:

“ As this heart glows in candlelight, I draw new love to me tonight.”

Take a cool shower and change into your night clothes. Then, light the candles and read the spell aloud. Imagine the heart shaped paper with the message, glow in the candlelight. This will draw energy, and your true love as well. Finally, place the heart inside an envelope, and seal with wax. Leave this undisturbed for at least one cycle of moon phase. Once the new moon phase emerges out of the sky, you should have found your new love.

Far more interesting is “Stopping the divorce” spell. For this what you need is:
– Red candle.
– 1 parchment paper piece
– 3 drops of olive oil
– A small bowl
– Water

New Moon Spells For Love

The process is simple. Just follow the below steps:

– Put the paper piece in front of you along with the candle.
– Take a bowl and add some water to it.
– Hold the candle in your right hand.
– Hold up the candle and talk off your wishes to the moon.
– Put few drops of wax on the paper and wish for what you want.
– Finally thank the moon and blow off your candles.
– Burn the paper, then again burn the ashes.
– Wait for another full moon day. Again light the candle, and let it burn out for increasing the spell’s power.

New Moon Spells And Rituals

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