Red magic for love ~ Kala jadu for love ~ Win your lost love back today, “Red magic is also known as the magic of the people. Volk Magie wherein some American cultures termed it as Hoodoo. But in real red magic is the simplest form of magic. Which was widely used by different kind of magic practicing communities.

Red magic for love | Kala jadu for love | Win your lost love back today

Red magic makes the practitioner enlightened with the knowledge that magic is within us and that magic is within everyone, we ourselves are spiritual and our body is just the medium to communicate with this living world. Love Spells That Work

With the kind of practice followed in red magic spell casting techniques. Red magic also became famous to what is known as Sex Magic. The reason behind was that most of the time red magic was cast with the help of two people. Mostly married couples or lovers where the body, mind and spirit were made one. To make these things one the two souls have to give each other to the another. In complete which was possible only via the means of creating sex,

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Red Magic for love

Thus with such a practice red magic also became popular as sex magic. But then we should also note that the fact of red magic being termed as sex magic is in fact not accurately true. Since casting red magic spells required support and love of another person. Be it opposite gender or not, be it a lover or a close friend who is connected spiritually with the person casting the spell or being cast upon.

Red magic for love

Some American cultures also termed red magic as Hoodoo a sub part of the most powerful magic Voodoo being practiced by those who were bought as slaves to the new world. Since the new world did not know much about voodoo and that it was a religion hence the kind of different religion and magic practiced by those slaves were treated with different names. While it was observed that red magic was practiced as similar to voodoo for the fact that it had rituals to be performed and included sacrifices and offerings before casting a spell, hence it was also termed as hoodoo in the new world. Red Magic For Love

Kala jadu for love

Though not much of what is red magic can be found but it is believed to exist from medieval ages and is termed as the most simplest form of magic which gives us the knowledge that magic is within each one of us, and that we all are spiritual beings, the only difference is those who understand can use the spirituality and the body and mind which are media of communication to connect to other energies and fulfill something which is not possible and for those who cannot realize are left out of the heard. Red Magic For Love


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Put half of the soil in the flowerpot, write down the name of your target seven times and stuck it into the soil. Add the ox offal and the apple and drizzle with the almond oil. Cover it all with a bit of soil, plant the dumb cane and cover with the remaining soil.

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As you write the names on the candle, say the following prayer

With blood I’ve written our names, and that way in (say the name of the loved one)’s blood may run my wish that he/she does not divert his/her thoughts from me.”

With the candle already burning, pray

By Your power, strength of Venus, return him to me. So be it.”

Drink the wine, it will act as a strong potion appeal to the spiritual powers of Venus.

Store all the elements of the ritual in a secret location. If necessary, repeat it on Fridays when the lunar conjunction is favourable.

Wait for the strong results, without forcing events, leaving the way clear for the Goddess to open your paths.

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