Vivah badha nivaran totke ~ Vivah ke totke to get married to the person, “Man has reached moon many decades ago. India has successfully sent its spacecraft in Mars. But, we are still living in a society that is against love marriage or prem vivah. Many communities in India are extremely against love marriage, and do not even hesitate to kill their daughters or sons to protect the “respect” of their family.

Caste system is deeply rooted in some part of our county, which obstructs people to give consent to love marriages. If your parents are against your wish to get married as per your choice, you can take astrological help for that. Astrology can remove the obstacles and help you get married to your lover.

Vivah Badha Nivaran Totke

Try prem vivah ke totke to get married to the person you love. These totke will get you your parent’s consent for marriage. Your lover will become ready to get married to you.

Offer worship to Aswattha and Peepal tree. If you can find both the trees near each other, you can offer worship there for best results.

Offer milk on shiva linga on every Friday.

Write the name of your lover on a white piece of cloth. Put tel sindur on it. Keep this piece of cloth in a small kalash and place it in front of the image of your God. Offer puja to the kalash for 21 days and pray for the person to come in to your life in the form of your life partner.

Offer puja to Shri Krishna and Radha murti. Radha Krishna is the image of love.
Problems of Late Marriage in the Kundali Some people face the problem of late marriage. Positions of Mars and Venus in the Kundali determines the time of marriage in a person’s life. Malefic position of any of these three planets can hinder your marriage time and delay it unnecessarily. These totke will help you to overcome the reasons of delay in your marriage.

Love Marriage Problem Solution By White Magic

Totke For Marriage

Use vivah badha nivaran totke to remove the obstacles of your marriage:

Offer signs of marriage like sindur, alta, churi, nath or payal to a married woman. This totka is mainly for girls who are facing delay in marriage. Give this offering to 3 married women at a time.
Worship cow and offer puja to Nandi.

Kali Kitab Ke Totke

Wear red clothes on Monday and offer puja to shiva linga.

Worship Lord Ganesha on each Wednesday and offer modak to him. Pray to remove the delay in your marriage and bless you with a compatible life partner.

Collect 108 bilwa patra and keep it in a jar. Keep the jar before the place of worship in your house. If you have a shiva linga at your house, you should offer one bilwa patra to the shiva linga each day. In case you do not have a shiva linga at your house, you can offer it to any God you have placed at home.

Call us to know the jaldi/shighra vivah ke totke and remove the obstacles of your marriage. It happens to many people that they do not get their life partner on time.

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