When a priest falls in love ~ Love problem solution expert, ” Mandated celibacy is a form of violence done to those called to ordained ministry but not to celibacy.While these priests can have a profound sense of Call, celibacy never really finds a home within their hearts, regardless of the spiritual facade their bishops or spiritual directors attempt to wrap it in. Celibacy is something they try to tolerate but deep down an intense loneliness prevails. Love Problem Solution By kala jadu The thought of growing old as a celibate, and someday retiring in a home for priests, brings more pain than comfort. Although
their loneliness may diminish at times, it is often in the background of their lives, a kind of darkness that will not go away.
Romantic Love Made Evil

Priests who fall in love can feel imprisoned within the priesthood as they watch others freely celebrate their love and openly show affection for their significant other. They cannot deny that their love is a holy experience and find themselves perplexed as to why it has put them on a collision course with the priesthood, when, in fact, being in love has brought them new joy and enthusiasm for life. Mandatory celibacy, however, forces them to face difficult choices.

When A Priest Falls In Love

So, why is love an impediment to ordained ministry?  Married people can and do love others just as passionately as celibates When A Priest Falls In Love.

Priest Falls In Love

Father, if you are in a romantic relationship, whether gay or straight, you are fortunate. Giving and receiving romantic love is a huge part of what it means to be a human being. It is an experience where the presence of God cannot be denied if one is honest about it.

It is unfortunate that now the one you love must also try to express their affection within this oppressive system. Romantic love opens up a whole other world. Your superiors will demonize this relationship, but how can love be evil?

Realize they and their predecessors have turned romantic love into a force of evil, which is the ultimate corruption of religion. How can their corruption of romantic love be the will of God who identified himself with love? Because mandated celibacy is not the will of God, you are free to leave.

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